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5 year anniversary Limited Edition candles

5 New Limited-Edition Candles
We've created 5 numbered limited-edition specialty candles just for this event!! Buy the collection

Vortex candles with Amazonite - supercharged in crystal grids at multiple energy vortexes in Sedona Arizona.

Gemstones -amethyst, clear quartz, fluorite

Master Number 55 - created to connect with the energy of creating empowered change and forward movement.

Gemstones – carnelian, citrine, jade, obsidian, amazonite

Mermaid Candles - for those who want to experience freedom, depth and mysticism in life.

Gemstones – howlite, freshwater pearls, fluorite, pink opal

Protection Candles - the perfect companion to our bestselling Psychic Protection spray and a powerful way to protect yourself and loved ones near or far.
Gemstones – black tourmaline, amethyst, hematite, obsidian, labradorite

Sex Candles - re-ignite passion in yourself and your partner. Experience an increase in carnal energy, love making, attraction, desire and adoration.

Gemstones – carnelian, red jasper, garnet, rose quartz

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