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Energetic Sprays

A spritz fix for your energy.

Going to a job interview or have a hot date? Romantic Rose botanical spray brings out the best in you and helps others to see it as well. Feeling heavy energetically or work in a stressful environment? Clear away negativity with Releasing spray and Crystal Clear. Working on your intuition or need an energetic lift? Try balancing Moon spray, or connecting with your Angels with Angel Spray. Starting a new job or working as an entrepreneur? Abundant Business spray attracts the right clients and opportunities to help you take things to the next level. If you're new to using sprays and are empathic and sensitive to energy, use Harmonizing spray to balance your energy and protect you from lower vibrations. Great to use after you've cleared your energy with Crystal Clear or Releasing Spray, or to balance your relationships when used with Romantic Rose Spray.

Made with sacred, supercharged water, our energetic sprays are high vibration essences that contain semi-precious gemstones, essential oils and botanicals that balance, clear, and attract just the kind of energy you need.

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