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Healing and Relaxing

Create a soothing environment that restores your soul.

Bath Truffles infused with cocoa butter smooth ruffled feathers and enliven your spirit while gently scenting your skin. Bathe in a comforting herbal soak with our bath tea, Moon Bath. Treat yourself and use them together!

No tub? No problem. Enjoy an effervescent shower bomb that releases essential oils while you steam your cares away. They're an an amazing way to relax when you don't have a tub or time for a soak.

While you're here, light a Reiki Candle to tap into the full benefits your healing power. Use a Harmonious Home candle to create an environment full of peace, serenity and healthy communication or spritz yourself with our Harmonizing Spray, infused with Tanzurine gemstones to create a joyful sense of balance and wholeness.

Take the feeling with you with a handy essential oil roll-on. Perfect for in-between times when you want to recreate your healing space while you're out and about.

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