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Mercury RetroFIX Limited Edition Intention Candle Kit Free Shipping

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Product Details
Mercury RetroFIX Limited Edition Intention Candle Kit
Survive the Mercury retrograde with this comprehensive kit. Uncross your wires when they get in a twist, push the refresh button on your communications, and bring peace, harmony and happiness into your homes. Use this power trio when you need a little help untangling the communications mess that can come with Mercury Retrogrades.
Qualifies for FREE SHIPPING.

ONE Mercury intention candle - Have a breakthrough, not a breakdown. Keep a clear head and enjoy clearer communications.

ONE Uncrossing intention candle - Smooth the kinks out and bring balance and ease back to your experience.

ONE Harmonious Home intention candle - Increase the peace, calm anxiety and impart a feeling of safety and stability.

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*This kit qualifies for free domestic shipping only. Individual items that may be added to this order will be subject to the standard domestic and international shipping rates.

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