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Experience more luck, money and wealth.

To be abundant, we must feel abundant. Showing Gratitude to the universe for what you already have is the best way to tell the universe what you want more of. Write everything you're thankful for on a Gratitude and watch your blessings multiply. Set your sights on new things by stating your long term goals on New Beginnings or setting the intention for an Abundant Future. Abundance could be anything, so use your imagination or light a Road Opener to create new opportunities for good things on your path. Ask for some good luck and benevolent blessings with Jupiter, who puts a positive spin on any intention. Planetary candles are a great way to add extra energy to an intention and Jupiter can be paired with Millionaire, Money and Abundant Business Spray when you're opening the channels for new ideas and cash flow.

The Money Pot Kit is one of the most effective ways to help you build lasting wealth.

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