20 Minute Facetime or Phone Appointments - Virtual Anniversary Party

The health of our friends and extended 'Ohana is our first priority. We send you all so much love. We understand that some of you may elect to remain at home during our 5th Anniversary Party due to health concerns, and we are here to say that we support you. Whether here in our beloved home state of Hawaii or those who are afar, we wish you all good health and safety. Mahalo for all of your support and enthusiasm over the years as we've grown together. - Aloha, Keoki and the Aloha Elixir 'Ohana

To mitigate the need for travel, we'll be offering 20 minute private facetime or phone shopping appointments on March 20th, from 10Am to 10PM HST (Hawaii Standard Time). This is a special event for those who can't make it, or live in areas outside the state in affected areas at home or over seas.

Appointments are held with a $20 booking fee that we'll use to ship your order. If you decide to spend $250 or more, we'll credit your order $20 and provide free shipping! All anniversary merchandise will be available including:

Vortex candles with Amazonite that have been supercharged in crystal grids at multiple energy vortexes in Sedona Arizona. Master Number 55 - created to connect with the energy of creating empowered change and forward movement. Mermaid Candles - for those who want to experience freedom, depth and mysticism in life. Protection Candles - the perfect companion to our best selling Psychic Protection spray and a powerful way to protect yourself and loved ones near or far. Sex Candles - re-ignite passion in yourself and your partner. Experience an increase in carnal energy, love making, attraction, desire and adoration.

Online gemstone and specialty items including: crystals, incense, and House of Intention Market goods, some priced at only $5!! And so much more!

Booking is Easy!

1. Click the Book Appointment button below.

2. You MUST SAVE CARD on file - this will be the card used to complete your purchase.

3. TYPE your address into the "Personal Notes" section of the order form.

4. We'll call or facetime you at your appointment time.


You MUST opt to SAVE CARD ON FILE at the time you book your appointment. The card you enter to hold your appointment will be the card used for your purchase, so please make sure you're using the one you'd like to have on file to complete your purchase. After the event, your card and credentials may be erased if you'd no longer like to have them on file. Anniversary merchandise i.e. limited edition Vortex candles, and the 5 Anniversary candles will be available in limited quantities and provided on a first come, first served basis. All sales are final.

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