Make your intention a daily Habit!

Rise and SHINE Like breakfast is the most important meal of the day, proper alignment is crucial in fueling effective manifestation. We like to practice getting in the habit of morning mindfulness by setting a positive intention for the day and creating candle combinations and using sprays that make a big impact on our energy.

Here's what our crew likes to do each morning:

Keoki: "I use Road Opener, Letting Go and maybe 8-10 pumps of Crystal Clear spray.  Sometimes I'll add an additional candle depending on what I need for the day, or if I'm working on something for someone else."

Jenn:"First thing when I get up I light a Jupiter candle and lately, a Metatron.  Jupiter helps me stay focused on the positive, and invite in luck and happiness.  Metatron helps me stay open, and aligned with spirit.  Before I leave, I'll spray myself with Harmonizing spray and Psychic Protection, a must have for empaths or people who are sensitive."

Kaoru:"My go to is Road Opener and Neptune!  I love the smell the Neptune has, and the Road Opener helps me attract what I want for the day.  I use the Harmonizing and Crystal Clear sprays the most before I leave the house.  The Harmonizing spray really helps to clear my heart chakra."

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