Mercury Retrograde

Updated: Apr 16, 2020


This retrograde season is brought to you by the sign of PISCES.  Not a native to air energy which is quick, logical and decisive, the watery, feeling pisces get us out of our heads and into ALL of our feels.  This retrograde will force us to look at the things we've been choosing to ignore...the things that haven't gotten taken care of that Mercury slowly begins to drag across our mental doorstep for examination.  Don't be surprised if you're feeling a little...emotional about it.  

This is a great time to work WITH the piscean energies.  Focus more on spiritual pursuits, healing emotional wounds within our selves and our families, and working towards being more empathetic and compassionate, all native pisces traits.  The key is to find grounded solutions to problems, tempering the strong pull to have an emotional breakdown when there's a glitch at the bank, your laptop dies, or you can't quite seem to get through to your kids.  It's a compassionate and elevated approach to communication issues of all kinds that will save us at the end of this retrograde period.  

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