Three ways Archangel Gabriel can help you connect to your kids.

We often get asked if we have have anything that can help children that need focus, healing or relief from the angst caused by unruly emotions and growing pains. Our kids have to deal with more bullies, more stress, and the constant onslaught of digital interference from the media via phones, tablets and TV more than any generation prior. We hear stories about kids lacking focus, self-esteem or being unable or unwilling to communicate their needs.

When the solutions to problems seem beyond our reach, we ask the Angels for help. In this case, Archangel Gabriel. Gabriel was known as God's messenger. A powerful ally to humankind, Gabriel in particular has a special relationship to children. Here are three ways Gabriel can help you, help your kids,

1. Communication - Gabriel's gentle nature can help kids find ways to express themselves. If your child is prone to introversion or you've noticed that there is more of a tendency to withdraw, Gabriel can create a healing space of encouragement and provide a sense of optimism and playfulness. Kids have a lot on their plate, ask Gabriel to help them better communicate their needs.

2. Protection - Maybe that "other kid" was having a bad day. We'll ask for help with them too. If your child is experiencing anxiety caused by aggression from others or worse, IS the aggressor, Gabriel brings the power of protection to children who are experiencing an imbalance in power. Even those who seem like bullies need protection from adults we often learn that anger and acting out are secondary emotions. The triggering emotion usually stems from fear or a sense of lack. Gabriel can provide peace and protection.

3. Encouragement - This ones for you. Gabriel is incredibly fond of sensitive children. Chances are if you're here, you are one and/or have one. Ask Gabriel to help you become the loving parent, coach and mentor you needed growing up as a sensitive and intuitive being so your kids can grow up healthy, happy and empowered early! If you don't know what they need, circle back to No.1, communication.

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